Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (2023)

October 24, 2021 October 24, 2021/ Madison Rowland-Davis

"Hasta la vista, baby!" (which means “see you later, baby!”) is one of the most well-known and most quoted Spanish phrases by non-Spanish speakers.

After its iconic use in the 1991 blockbuster film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the general public started using this phrase often throughout the 90s and beyond. However, for better or worse, no one really says or uses that phrase in Spanish-speaking countries.

There are, however, tons of actual Spanish words and phrases you can use instead — phrases that will demonstrate you know Spanish and aren’t just quoting a silly phrase from a classic action film.

Below you’ll find eleven different ways you can say “see you later” in Spanish.

Table of Contents

    We've divided this list up into four different sections to help you choose the phrase that works best in your scenario.

    Section one covers situations when you’re not sure when you’ll be seeing the person again. Section two includes phrases to use when you know you’ll be seeing the person (for example, tomorrow at work or next Monday in school). In section three we’ll cover phrases you can use when you know you’ll be seeing the person soon, maybe the same day. And in section four we’ll include some general phrases which don’t relate to time.

    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (1)

    Section one: Goodbyes for when you are not sure when you're going to see the person you're talking to again.

    1. "Nos vemos" - "See you"

    Example: You ran into a former coworker and you chatted briefly with him.

    - ¡Qué gusto verte, Juan! Pero me tengo que ir. Nos vemos. - It was great seeing you, Juan! But I have to go. See you.

    2. "Hasta luego" - "Until later"

    Example: You’re at your convenience store after you’ve paid.

    - ¡Muchas gracias, Marcela! Hasta luego. - Thank you very much, Marcela! Until later.

    3. "Nos vemos luego" - "See you later"

    This one combines both first and second phrases.

    (Video) Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish

    Example: You’re chatting with your neighbor and you suddenly hear your phone ring.

    - Sí, el clima ha estado raro últimamente. Oh, alguien me está llamando. Nos vemos luego. - Yeah, the weather has been weird lately. Oh, someone’s calling me. See you later.

    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (2)

    Section Two: Goodbyes for where you know you're going to see this person again at a predetermined time.

    4. "Hasta mañana" - “Until tomorrow”

    You can substitute “mañana” with any other day and say; "Hasta el jueves" - “Until Thursday”

    Example: You’re a teacher and you’re saying goodbye to your students at the end of the day.

    - Que no se les olvide estudiar para el examen, ¿ok? ¡Hasta mañana! - Don’t forget to study for the test, ok? Until tomorrow!

    5. "Nos memos mañana" - “See you tomorrow”

    Just like the previous phrase, you can also substitute “mañana” for any other day and say "Nos vemos el jueves" - “I'll see you on Thursday” / “We'll see each other on Thursday”

    Example: You’re about to go to bed and your roommates are in the living room.

    - Ya me voy a dormir. Que descansen. Nos vemos mañana. - I’m going to bed. Sleep well. See you tomorrow.

    Spanish speakers tend to say "nos vemos..." (We’ll see each other...) more than te veo...” (I’ll see you…) which is more common in English. Nos” implies that both you and the other person will be seeing each other, which technically makes more sense. Te veo...” is also very common, just maybe not as common as nos vemos...”

    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (3)

    Section Three: Goodbyes for when you know you’ll be seeing the person soon(maybe even the same day).

    6. "Nos vemos pronto" - “See you soon”

    Example: You’re on the phone talking to your friend who’s having a party tonight.

    - Sí voy a ir, solo me arreglo y dejo a los niños con su abuela. Nos vemos pronto. - I’ll be there, I just have to get ready and leave the kids with their grandma. See you soon.

    7. "Nos vemos al rato/ratito" - “See you a bit later today”

    Example: You’re making plans to visit your sister later today.

    - Hoy tengo mucho trabajo, pero saliendo de trabajar voy. ¿Ok? Nos vemos al rato. - I have a lot of work today, but when I’m done working I’ll come over. Ok? See you a bit later today.

    Section Four: Goodbyes you can use whenever. These are general goodbyes that don’t relate to time.

    8. "Cuídate" / "Cuídese" - “Take care”

    Informal and formal. If you're confused about how and when to use the informal and formal “you” in Spanish, check out our video here.

    You can use this one exactly as you’d use “take care” in English. It usually comes after some other goodbye.


    - Nos vemos mañana. ¡Cuídate! - See you tomorrow. Take care!

    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (4)

    (Video) 6 ways to say goodbye in Spanish

    9. "Que te/le vaya bien" - “Have a good day” / “I hope everything goes well for you”

    This one doesn’t have a very precise translation into English but it is extremely common in Spanish.

    Example: You’re checking out at the store. You’re leaving and saying thank you. This is how the clerk responds.

    - Gracias a usted. Que le vaya bien. - Thank you. Have a good day.

    10. "Que estés/esté bien" - “I wish you well”

    This one doesn’t have an exact translation either but it’s a friendly way of saying goodbye to someone you care about. It carries a similar sentiment to “take care.”

    Example: When the party's over and your friend is leaving.

    - Gracias por venir, Ernesto. Que estés bien. - Thank you for coming, Ernesto. Take care / I wish you well.

    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go (5)

    11. "Adios" - “Goodbye”

    This word is the most basic and most common way of saying goodbye in Spanish. Although, some people think it may sound too final, (like you're never going to see that person again) in Mexico it is used both as a greeting and a goodbye when passing by someone you know.

    And of course, Spanish-speakers also use the word “bye” — just like in English. While it’s not a Spanish word, it’s commonly used all over Latin America so don’t hesitate to use it yourself.


    By learning these real Spanish phrases (and avoiding cheesy Hollywood phrases like “hasta la vista”), you'll be able to better communicate with native Spanish-speakers all around the world. It may take some time and practice to remember which phrases are used for which occasion, like what to say when you go shopping, when you’re ordering food, or when ordering drinks, but you can start by learning the most general phrases you need and go from there. Eventually, you'll have the appropriate phrase memorized for each occasion!


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    Don't Say Hasta La Vista! 11 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish — Spanish and Go? ›

    The textbook version of goodbye in Spanish is adiós. Though adiós is a bit more formal-sounding than some of the other options below, it can also fit in an informal context, and it's a good one to have in your back pocket for when you're not entirely sure where you stand with the people you're talking to.

    What's a nice way to say goodbye in Spanish? ›

    How to say goodbye in Spanish
    EnglishSpanishSpanish pronunciation
    Goodbye, until next timeAdiós, hasta la próximaah-dee-ohs, ahs-tah la procs-e-ma
    See you soonHasta prontoahs-tah prawn-toe
    Goodbye, have a nice dayAdiós, que tengas un lindo díaah-dee-ohs, kay ten-gass oon lean-doh dee-ah
    12 more rows
    Apr 21, 2022

    What do Spanish people say when leaving? ›

    The textbook version of goodbye in Spanish is adiós. Though adiós is a bit more formal-sounding than some of the other options below, it can also fit in an informal context, and it's a good one to have in your back pocket for when you're not entirely sure where you stand with the people you're talking to.

    What is a Mexican goodbye? ›

    Adiós. / “Goodbye.”

    How do you say goodbye in the nicest way? ›

    Formal ways to say goodbye in English
    1. Have a good day/have a nice day – This is a phrase that you'll often hear in America, but is one of the most universal and respectful ways to say goodbye to another person. ...
    2. Take care – This one can be used informally among friends too, but is often heard between strangers. ...
    3. Bye!

    How do you set goodbye in Spanish? ›

    Here are some examples:
    1. Adiós: Goodbye.
    2. Hasta luego: See you later.
    3. Hasta la vista: Until we meet again.
    4. Nos vemos pronto: See you soon.
    5. Que tenga un buen día/tarde/noche: Have a good day/afternoon/night.
    May 1, 2023

    How do Mexicans greet each other? ›

    Greetings. When greeting someone in Mexico, it is customary to make physical contact, rather than simply saying “hello.” A handshake is the most common form of greeting between strangers, though friends will usually greet each other with a single kiss on the cheek.

    How do Mexicans greet each other slang? ›

    The common verbal greeting is “Buenos dias” (Good day), “Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon) or “Buenas noches” (Good evening/night) depending on the time of day. A more casual greeting is “Hola” (Hello), “¿Qué tal?” (What's up?) or “¿Cómo estás?” (How are you?).

    What does Hasta La Wago mean? ›

    [ ahs-tah lwe-gaw; English hah-stuhloo-ey-goh ] show ipa. interjectionSpanish. see you later; so long.

    How do you end a friendly message in Spanish? ›

    Let's see what the options are when it comes to Spanish:
    1. Saludos cordiales – Best regards.
    2. Atentamente/Sinceramente – Sincerely.
    3. Cordialmente – Cordially.
    4. Esperando su repuesta – Waiting for your reply.
    5. Para cualquier cosa estoy a su disposición – I am at your disposal for anything you need.
    Sep 16, 2019

    How do you say goodbye in simple? ›

    The following alternatives have different implications and are often used in different scenarios.
    1. Until next time. This option is mostly used in casual situations, but can also work in formal settings. ...
    2. Talk to you later. ...
    3. See you soon. ...
    4. Take care. ...
    5. Farewell. ...
    6. So long. ...
    7. Don't be a stranger. ...
    8. Take it easy.

    How do you end a friendly note in Spanish? ›

    Saludos (Regards) Un saludo cordial/Saludos cordiales (Best wishes/Kind regards) Atentamente (Sincerely) Muy atentamente/Muy cordialmente (Yours sincerely)

    Can you use Buenos Dias as a farewell? ›

    Often the greetings “buenos días”, “buenas tardes” and “buenas noches” are also used to say goodbye as they can be appropriate in several contexts such as when kids go to bed at night or when we finish a conversation on the phone.


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